Our Objectives:


  • Educate Zimbabwean voters that, to realize, an Ideal Zimbabwe, they should note this is the time to drive the devils (Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti and Joyce Mujuru) to the gates of hell.

  • Warn Zimbabwean voters not to be fooled by Mugabe’s dictatorship, mismanagement and corruption disguised in sanctions rhetoric and liberation war propaganda.

  • Inform Zimbabwean electorate to desist from engaging in needless demonstrations, corruption, and political violence boot-licking that are counter-productive to national, political and socio-economic revival.

  • Urge voters to learn that they must not be willing tools for power hungry politicians.

  • Encourage voters 'not to say they hate politics', because they will be hating something that invariably and fundamentally affects their very essence as a human being.

  • Workshop the electorate to realize that the emergence of totalitarianism, intolerance, fear, corruption and socio-economic deprivation in both the public and private sectors is as a result of a nation practicing bad politics.

  • Motivate more professionals to get involved in this campaign and active politics both in the country and Diaspora as they cannot afford to look aside and watch as our beloved Ideal Zimbabwe is torn to shreds by a greedy, corrupt and intolerant political elite.

  • Free Zimbabweans by defeating the thieving, dictatorship and evil administration of tyranny Mr.Mugabe

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