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Ideal Zimbabwe is a civic, socio-economic and political campaign to realize a Zimbabwe that is Ideal for every citizen through the creation of voters. Voters are ordinary people who know well that their vote is for national interest not partisan status quo.They vote with their head not feet and hold leaders accountable. Power then shall be in the hands ordinary citizens not in politicians’ hands. Ideal Zimbabwe was established on the 1st of August 2016 in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.

Zimbabwe is a nation practicing bad politics. For so long, voters have been pinning their hopes on politicians to steer the country to an Ideal Zimbabwe but day by day their hopes is fast becoming their misery.

Big-brother politics is killing the essence of accountability and national development. Political parties are usually formed by prominent leaders, who then bask in their glory and reverse the responsibility of leadership by making the voters worship, booty-lick and serve them instead of the other way around. In an Ideal Zimbabwe, everyone shall have a skill to earn a living and do politics as national service so as to eradicate the cancer of career-politics a fertile ground for the production of dictatorship, looting and corruption.

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